Moving West

I decided to toy with the idea of moving to Los Angeles this past spring, during the last semester of college. Nothing other than a few job applications shot out really came of it. It wasn’t until around July when a good friend already living here encouraged the decision that I really decided this was what I was going to do with the start of postgrad. I had an internship opportunity in LA and that was all I had going for me, so why not?

Last Sunday, my boyfriend and I (also taking the plunge and moving to LA with no job) packed up all of our belongings and hit the road for the opposite coast. We traversed the country and saw some things that blew us away. *below photos taken in Colorado and Utah*


I’ve never been to California. I’ve never been west of Texas. So I’m going into this adventure pretty blind, and I’m going to share my observations and thoughts on the place in order to 1) record this ridiculous thing I’m doing and 2) maybe help someone else who wants to do the same thing.

So follow along if you’d like to learn something about Los Angeles from a fresh college graduate on a slim budget. Here we go!