IMG_0948Mama, we absolutely made it.

Last weekend, May 6-7, me and about 6,000 of my closest friends all graduated from the University of South Carolina. To say it’s been a long, strange, trip is a bit of an understatement. I have learned and grown more in the past four years than any other time in my life and even when I thought I wasn’t ever going to make it out alive, I found myself walking across the stage of the Colonial Life Arena shaking President Pastides’ hand.

My time at Carolina absolutely flew by. There was so much that happened that jammed itself into four short years and I’ll have memories to last me my whole life. Friends were both made and lost, hearts broken and mended, exams failed and passed, and football games won and lost. There sure isn’t anything like it.

I am very sad and nostalgic as my time here comes to a close. Moving away from a city that managed to win my love, and saying goodbye to people I can’t imagine loving any more is not something I ever imagined having to deal with. No one tells you about this part.

But now we are all on to the next stage of life. And it will be exciting if nothing else. I have no idea what I’m going to be doing, where I’ll be doing it, or who I’ll be doing it with. But if I’ve learned one thing from going to a school 500 miles from home not knowing anyone, it’s that comfort can be both lost and found and both are okay. You find home in parts of cities and parts of other people you never knew you could find before. Everything little thing is gonna be alright.

To Carolina and to the people who made me who I am: I’ll love you always. Forever to thee.